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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Manufacturing Execution Systems take a variety of forms, ranging from off the shelf products to completely custom solutions to meet any specific needs. MES systems are highly data-centric which means that they are typically centred around a database of some kind - relational or sometimes proprietary. Off the shelf MES modules, while specific to their task (Quality, Efficiency, Performance, Maintenance, etc), are generic in that they need to attempt to satisfy the requirements of every plant. This often means that implementing an off the shelf MES system requires a creative thinking process in order to fit the package into the framework of the customer's Information Systems infrastructure.
Advantages of MES
  • Visibility
  • Cost Reduction
  • Flexibility
Web Solutions
An Information Web Solution can provide insight into operations in remote locations. This information can be seen simultaneously by multiple users with Web Clients in real-time with rich graphical displays.
Advantages of Web Solutions
Can-Technologies Services and Expertise
Can-Technologies has a team of skilled MES and Web solution professionals with experience in a wide range of system applications. We have successfully implemented MES systems in industries including Automotive, Power Generation, and Steel. Can-Technologies provides a wide range of services aimed to provide complete solutions that fit the customer’s needs from start to finish of any MES implementation as demonstrated by our proven project approach:
  • STEP 1: Discovery and Data Gathering
  • STEP 2: Functional Specification
  • STEP 3: Implementation
  • STEP 4: Ongoing Support and Training
Case Study 1: Heat Tracking in Steel Manufacturing

The availability of data is a key to optimizing any manufacturing process. Knowing this, a global steel manufacturer sought to introduce a system for monitoring and analyzing heat data from the beginning of scrap loading up to the final casting process. In addition to the basic data analysis requirements of the customer, it was necessary that the solution be scalable in order to incorporate future expansions of the facility and data collection system.

To accommodate the needs of the customer, Can-Technologies proposed an out of the box system based on Activplant software. As an enterprise solution, Activplant provided the necessary flexibility and expandibility required by the customer. Being web-based, it also meant that important process data could be made readily available to those responsible for process improvement and analysis.

Can-Technologies seamlessly integrated the Activplant system into the existing network and developed reporting applications for retrieval of various key performance indicators (KPIs) including yield, downtime, energy usage and profitability metrics. The final system effectively centralized production data and significantly improved plant floor visibility.

Case Study 2: Web Monitoring/Control for Pumphouse

A world-class producer of iron products was periodically experiencing downtime in their facility due to the lack of alarm and fault information being readily available from their cooling-water pump house. The normally unmanned pump house contained the equipment responsible for supplying the cooling water to the main plant, and in the event that a piece of pumphouse equipment failed, often the only notice of the failure would come in the form of shutting down the line of production due to low water pressure.

Because the pump house is normally without an operator, the customer needed a solution that would provide them remote insight into the pump house with information feeding back in real-time.

Can-Technologies presented a solution using an industry standard Web framework that would provide both real-time feedback, as well as remote system control from any PC with the proper security privileges in the plant.

The solution contained rich graphical displays of the equipment, laid out in a fashion similar to schematic drawings. This layout allowed the maintenance personnel to quickly become proficient with and take advantage of the benefits of the system.

Can-Technolgies proudly supports a wide range of MES packages and Web Solution products including:
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