Successful project management is characterized by good planning, effective discovery and resourcing, realistic expectations of outcomes and strong management support. The more complex a project, more attention to detail is required to its project management through the adoption and use of a project management methodology.

Can-Technologies have skilled personnel that adopt a structured methodology approach to managing projects.

The objective is to provide common standards to ensure that projects are conducted in a disciplined, well-managed, and consistent manner, completed on time and within budget.

The general methodology used in a project is as follows:


The project management methodology consists of a set of inter-related phases, activities and tasks that define the project process from the start through to completion. Each phase of the project produces a major deliverable that contributes towards achieving project objectives. Phasing of the project is also used to provide logical breaks in the project associated with key decision points. Phases consist of a number of activities that are groups of related tasks and, when viewed in isolation, give a clear indication of the logical sequence of steps to be taken to achieve either phase or project objectives. Each activity have a number of tasks. Tasks are the lowest level shown in a breakdown and produce an outcome contributing towards major deliverables.

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