Cement & Lime

Cement & Lime companies today are constantly challenged to meet market demand, reduce operating costs, increase use of alternative fuels and maintain environmental compliance. With ever increasing cement and lime demand, the producers are continually being pushed to the limit. A lot is being asked of both personnel and equipment not only to maintain production, but also to establish new records without sacrificing quality. This leads to ever greater pressure to perform. Everyone at the plant has at least some impact on:

Can-Technologies Inc. provides process control and optimization across all key areas of the manufacturing process, enabling Cement & Lime manufacturers to stabilize production and enhance quality while minimizing the effects of process upsets to maximize efficiency. Through our industry expertise we can help you meet these challenges, turn your technology into a competitive advantage and:

We provide a full range of solutions for mechanical, electrical, controls and instrumentation systems in cement and lime plants. If your project is a Greenfield plant, we will make sure that your system is designed with a complete advanced solution and tested against a dynamic simulation, so that you know your processes will start up error-free. If your project is an upgrade or optimization, we will provide customized engineering, simulation, and training solutions.

Our experience at cement and lime operations means we understand your issues and can provide you with solutions, quickly and efficiently. Best of all, we bring the power of our solutions and services right to your facility.

The following highlights some of our range of services to Cement & Lime sector:

Our approach includes the deployment of industry specialists to understand your business processes and systems, to perform upfront planning that can be used to understand the scope, cost, payback and architecture.

At Can-Technologies, we have the experience in managing and delivering projects from concept and design through to installation and commissioning.

"Providing Quality Services & Attention to Our Customer Needs."