Consumer Products

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are consumable goods such as clothing and footwear, printing supplies and cleaning products.

In a highly competitive marketplace, Consumer Packaged Goods companies must accelerate product innovation, development, and introductions to hit narrow windows of market opportunity while leveraging outsourced manufacturing and ensuring regulatory compliance.

In addition, with energy costs on the rise, the reduction of energy and operating costs are paramount for companies that wish to remain competitive and profitable.

Leading Consumer Packaged Goods companies are using Can-Technologies to increase productivity and product introduction success rates within strict margin, quality and regulatory compliance constraints.

Our approach includes the deployment of industry specialists to understand your business processes and systems, to perform up front planning that can be used to understand the scope, cost and payback.

The following highlights Can-Technologies range of service for Consumer Packaged Goods industry:

At Can-Technologies, we have the experience in managing and delivering engineering projects and services from concept and design through to installation and commissioning.

This level of service provides peace of mind to our customers who want to ensure that their project is completed on time, to budget and to specifications.

In addition, our engineering services team are able to use their energy systems expertise to provide energy efficiency and cost reduction solutions along with practical recommendations to show you how to reduce and controls costs, optimize equipment utilization and improve the bottom line.

Whether your company has a small automation project, a large turnkey and multi-disciplined project, contract engineering or a consultancy requirement, Can-Technologies has the capabilities to make your undertaking a success.

"Providing Quality Services & Attention to Our Customer Needs."