Data Centres

Data Centres have become an essential element in the functioning of businesses, communications, academia and institutional establishments.

With increasing demands on data processing, storage and networking, data centre infrastructure must be resilient and flexible.

It is imperative that data centres be efficient, always ‘on’, and have the ability to grow as demand increases. There are additional challenges including continually simplifying the overall architecture, reducing maintenance, automating manual processes, regulatory compliance, evolving “green” requirements and with ever increasing energy costs – energy consumption reduction, to name but a few.

At Can Technologies we are able to help provide solutions that improve overall data centre efficiencies for power, air, water use and greenhouse gas reductions whilst establishing best practice controls, monitoring and reporting standards that enable the optimization or resources and assets, drive improvements and deliver analytics to understand and manage future needs.

Our Solutions include:

At Can-Technologies, we have the experience in managing and delivering projects from concept and design through to installation and commissioning. We address the mission critical components of the integration process and develop any necessary plans to prevent unforeseen events from impacting key business operations.

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