Material Handling

Improving order throughput without increasing operating cost is critical to today’s Material Handling industry. In addition, customer satisfaction is greatest when the time gap between order placement and receipt is minimized. These issues are easily resolved by the automation of the material handling and packing station processes.

Material Handling automation increases throughput without escalating your labour or physical space. Engineered automation solution eliminates bottlenecks and prevents the investment of huge sums of capital for a larger facilities, more people or new equipment.

Can-Technologies designs and integrates material handling automation solutions into all types of industries improving manufacturing and warehousing efficiency. In addition, Can-Technologies can develop automation solutions, which not only increases order throughput, but also increases the workplace safety and reduces the on-the-job-injuries that are a result of manual or not enough intelligent material handling processes.

Can-Technologies focus is towards systems engineering methods that integrate control technology, information technology, and material transport equipment to provide efficient, safe and economical material handling solutions.

The following highlights some of our range of services to Material Handling sector:

Our approach includes the deployment of industry specialists to understand your business process and systems, to perform upfront planning that can be used to understand the scope, cost, payback and architecture.

At Can-Technologies, we have the experience in managing and delivering projects from concept and design through to installation and commissioning.

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