Mining & Metals

With the current climate of sustained global mineral demand, coupled with declining ore grades and a range of social and environmental issues to consider, the Mining and Metals industries is faced with a range of challenges as we move forward.

Metal applications eventually impact everyone in some direct manner. Nickel is used as extra fine powder in capacitor chips and is an essential component in stents (wire mesh tubes) used to restructure arteries. On the latest space shuttle, the engine nozzle was made with 35 per cent gold alloy. Plumbing is dominated by copper tubing and platinum is utilized in multi-layer ceramic capacitors.

It may all begin with exploration and development of the metal/mineral, but the final touch is always provided by an innovative product or system developed by the mining supply and service industry. Engineering firms providing innovative solutions using new automated technologies play a big role to serve this industry.

Can-Technologies provides process control and optimization solutions enabling Mining & Metals producers to stabilize production and enhance quality while minimizing the effects of process upsets to maximize efficiency.

Through our industry expertise we can help you meet these challenges, turning your technology into a competitive advantage and:

We provide a full range of solutions for Instrumentation, Electrical, Controls, Mechanical and Information Technology within Mining and Metals facilities. If the project is a Greenfield, we will make sure that your system is designed with a complete and advanced solution tested against a dynamic simulation, so that you know your system will start up error-free. If your project is an upgrade or optimization, we will provide customized engineering, simulation, and training solutions.

The following highlights some of our range of services to Mining and Metals sector:

Our experience at Mining and Metals operations means we understand your issues and can provide you with solutions, quickly and efficiently.

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