Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Whether you are an upstream company involved in the exploration of potential new oil and gas reserves, the development of existing oil and gas fields, or a downstream company transporting or processing crude oil and gas within an oil refinery, petrochemical plant or gas processing facility you are faced with increasingly challenging and ever changing and demanding marketplace.

Key drivers in the Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical sector include the:

Can-Technologies can help you develop your ideas from theory and project conception through to reality.

Our experience with the oil, gas and petrochemical production process and operations means we understand your key business issues and can provide you with solutions, quickly and efficiently. Best of all, we bring the power of our solutions and services right to your facility.

Can-Technologies can provide a full range of solutions for mechanical, electrical, controls and instrumentation systems. If your project is a Greenfield plant, we will make sure that your system is designed with a complete advanced solution and tested against a dynamic simulation, so that you know your processes will start up error-free. If your project is a plant control system upgrade or process optimization, we will provide customized engineering, simulation, and training solutions.

We combine our knowledge of oil & gas production and processing with our skills in control (DCS, PLC, RTU, HMI, SCADA, and Safety Systems), separation, treating, gas measurement, power generation, pump and compressor controls, regulatory reporting, nomination management, production accounting, and maintenance management.

Through our industry expertise we can help you meet these challenges, turning technology into a competitive advantage and:

The following highlights some of our range of services to the sector:

Our experience Oil, Gas and Petrochemical operations means we understand your issues and can provide you with solutions, quickly and efficiently.

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