The Packaging Industry is in a permanent state of evolution. As new market dynamics emerge, the risks for business and logistics processes continuously changes. Flexibility is the key. Achieving maximum velocity of information and material is more important than ever before. Customers are constantly demanding that you do more and do it better. Operating costs are being pushed upward and logistic operations become more complex every day.

Can-Technologies use new technology and innovative solutions to open a window to production, warehousing and distribution operations, reducing operating costs and improving customer service through:

Robot - based automation ensures the kind of flexibility needed to meet ever shorter product life cycles, new packaging designs, product variants and batch manufacturing. It is an excellent alternative to manual operation. At Can-Technologies we can help you with your robots for picking, packing and palletizing systems.

We provide quality engineering and consulting services to the packaging industry. These services include Mechanical, Electrical and Control engineering for the development of new system or retrofitting of existing machinery in strict compliance with current codes and standards.

"Providing Quality Services & Attention to Our Customer Needs."