Power Generation - Nuclear

As a result of rising petroleum prices, increasing energy demand, concerns over energy security, and initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is a wider acceptance of nuclear power as an important component of the nation’s energy mix. There is also a developing general sense that the utilization of nuclear power for the generation of electricity will grow.

Nuclear Power Stations use a fuel called uranium, a relatively common material. Energy is released from uranium when an atom is split by a neutron releasing energy in the form of radiation and heat. This nuclear reaction is called the fission process. In a nuclear power station the uranium is first formed into pellets and then into long rods. The uranium rods are kept cool by submerging them in water. When they are removed from the water a nuclear reaction takes place causing heat. The heat from the reactor is used to boil water to steam. The steam is used to turn a turbine, connected to a generator, in order to produce electricity.

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