Primary Steel

Based on our specialized know–how and vast process experience, Can-Technologies Inc. offers engineering and contracting services as well as consultancy in all areas of iron-making and steel-making at all levels of development. From green-field projects to advanced optimization in established operations.

Can-Technologies offers an integrated approach to all aspects essential to success in an increasingly competitive global industry. We bring reliability and economic benefits for ore preparation, coke-making, blast furnace, steel-making and BOF operations and help clients achieve maximum performance. Our experience engineering team helps customers for the following processes plants:

Can-Technologies has deep experience in primary steel project assessment, design, project execution and construction management, commissioning and start-up.

We assist clients with conceptual and detailed engineering studies of all aspects of business.

Our engineering services comprises of, but not limited to, process engineering, automation & process control, mechanical & piping design, environmental assessment, plant simulation & modelling.

Our strengths are:

"Providing Quality Services & Attention to Our Customer Needs."