Drives Systems

Drives Systems

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on motors can enhance process operations, especially for flow control, and can efficiently cut energy demand for pumps and fans.

Process control and energy conservation are the two primary reasons for using an adjustable speed drive. Historically, Variable-Frequency Drives have been used for achieving better process control by increasing productivity, efficiency, improving product consistency/quality, and reduce maintenance and downtime, but energy conservation has emerged as an equally important objective.

A VFD often uses less energy than an alternative fixed speed mode of operation. Fans and pumps are the most common energy saving applications. When a fan is driven by a fixed speed motor, the airflow may sometimes be higher than it needs to be. Airflow can be regulated by using a damper to restrict the flow, but it is more efficient to regulate the airflow by regulating the speed of the motor. It follows from the affinity laws that reducing fan speed to 50% results in a power consumption drop to 12.5%.

In addition to energy savings and better process control, drives can provide other benefits such as:

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From system evaluation through to system design, configuration, installation, commissioning and training and support, you can be confident that the engineering team will work closely with you to design a robust drive system solution that will work reliably within your facilities conditions.

Can-Technologies drive systems solutions can include any of the following:

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