Energy Services – Energy Monitoring & Management

Energy Services – Energy Monitoring & Management

The Bottom Line - Resource consumption is one of the largest factors affecting your profitability.

Whether you are in an industrial manufacturing or process environment, a mission critical arena such as health care, primary infrastructure or data centre, a commercial or institutional property owner, reductions in energy costs and an increase in efficiency will help improve your overall performance and bottom line profitability.

The Issues - Facility Managers are asked to develop strategies for energy/resource savings, to understand capacity profiles, and eliminate system inefficiencies. Whether your facility consumes Water, Air, Gas, Electric or Steam (WAGES) etc, the traditional source of energy and cost information comes from the monthly utility bill. Although necessary information, the utility bill often contains insufficient information. Analysis and resulting decisions based on insufficient information produce disappointing solutions. In this case, the information to make key business decisions, like the iceberg, is out of sight.

The Solution - An adequate Facility Energy System Audit and Analysis identifies the issues and defines the plans.

It’s is a plan not a project

This Audit and Analysis will determine the way forward and provide practical recommendations to show you how to reduce and control costs, optimize equipment utilization and improve your bottom line.

Our Engineering Professionals use their extensive domain and energy systems expertise to identify energy efficiency and cost reduction solutions.

Power Quality services and expertise include:

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