Energy Services – Power Quality

Energy Services – Power Quality

In any marketplace the quality and reliability of power is essential.

The Bottom Line - Whether you are in an industrial manufacturing or process environment, a mission critical arena such as health care, primary infrastructure, data centre, or a commercial or institutional property owner, improvements will extend equipment life, minimize unplanned downtime, increase performance and retain customers helping you to achieve your overall performance and bottom line profitability goals.

The Issues - Common Power Quality problems include equipment trips, shutdowns, equipment failure, erratic control or process performance and random lockups and data errors.

The Solution - The good news is that with the use of appropriate equipment such as Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS’s), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS’s), K type Transformers or Harmonic Filters, etc; Power Quality problems can be prevented.

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it

Through a Facility Power Quality Audit and Analysis, issues with the power infrastructure can be identified. This Audit and Analysis will determine the root causes and provide practical recommendations to protect equipment and improve your bottom line.

Did You Know?

“It is estimated that 30% of all business downtime is related to Power Quality issues and the annual cost of power interruptions in North America is $80 Billion”

These issues are caused by Power Sags, Swells, Transients, Harmonics, Frequency variations, EMI/RFI and Power Interruptions. They equate to loss of productivity, orders, customer dissatisfaction, product damage and waste, decreased equipment life and ultimately equipment replacement.

Our Engineering Professionals use their extensive industry domain and power system expertise to identify improvements to complex power quality related issues.

Power Quality services and expertise include:

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