Industrial Network Design

Industrial Network Design

An automated industrial environment — such as a manufacturing assembly line or process control system — usually needs an organized hierarchy of network control systems to function.

In this hierarchy there is usually a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) or Human Machine Interface (HMI) at the top of process network, where an operator can monitor or operate the system. This is typically linked to a middle layer of programmable logic controllers (PLC) Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) or Distributed Control System (DCS) via a non time critical communications system (e.g. Ethernet, wireless). At the bottom of the control chain is the I/O and device networks (Profibus, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, etc) which links the controllers to the devices such as sensors, actuators, electric motors, console lights, switches, valves and contactors.

Unfortunately, few organisations have the necessary resources to fully exploit the productivity gains with the selection of the correct technology and architecture.

Can-Technologies provides a full range of services for the industrial market ranging from troubleshooting to needs analysis, design and turn-key installation.

We have experience implementing network technology in industrial manufacturing and process environments. Our network engineers adhere to proven plant-floor network design methodologies and best practices and who “speak the plant floor language” having control system backgrounds.


Whether you need a new network, or want to optimize or expand a network that you have, we offer experienced advice and professional design services to assist you in reaching your productivity, performance, and security goals.

Our engineering team gather and assimilate the performance, and security needs of network and control system users from the plant floor to the front office. We then choose the right hardware, create the best architecture and implement the best operational plan to suit the diverse needs of all parties, while meeting regulatory requirements and budgetary guidelines.


From an upgrade network to a turn-key green-field installation Can-Technologies can provide project management, implementation, installation and commissioning services for wired, wireless, and industrial networks.

Our experience with Industrial Fieldbus, Process, Control, and Business Network technology makes Can-Technologies a clear choice when implementing a converged plant-floor network.

Services include:


Network outages can cause loss of production, upsets in product quality and loss of business system visibility. Without proper diagnostic tools and training, do-it-yourself troubleshooting can cause headaches and consume hours of valuable plant engineer and technician time. Armed with the latest tools our engineers can professionally diagnose your network to:


Undocumented changes and additions to the network after commissioning, additional network usage as well as malfunctioning network-connected hardware can reduce the performance of an originally-sound network.

Can-Technologies can update network infrastructure with new firmware/software releases to improve the performance and security of existing network infrastructure, while extending the system's useful life. INS can provide regular on-site and/or remote network maintenance and checkups to ensure maximum up-time and system reliability.

From evaluation through to system design, configuration, installation, commissioning and training and support, you can be confident that the industrial network system engineering team will work closely with you to design a robust system solution that it will work reliably within your facilities conditions.

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