Machine Vision

Machine Vision

The last few years has seen machine vision systems emerging as a viable resource for the industrial market due to increases in speed and reliability.

Can-Technologies vision system engineers are skilled in applications such as Part Location, Product Inspection, Measurement, Optical Character Verification (OCV), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), code reading and colour detection.

In addition, our knowledge spans across many industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Medical Device, Nuclear, Packaging and Pharmaceutical.

We can help you to get the best from your investment by applying this technology and domain knowledge to ensure that the vision system meets its objectives.

Typical applications a machine vision system is used for include:

Can-Technologies offer complete vision systems solutions. Whether you need to resolve a quality issue through a single inspection task or build a new line or factory with a range of networked vision systems, the vision systems team has the expertise to deliver a turnkey machine vision systems solution to meet your needs.

From the feasibility study through to system design, configuration, installation, commissioning and training and support, you can be confident that the vision systems team will work closely with you to design a robust machine vision system solution that will work reliably within your facilities conditions.

Can-Technologies vision systems solutions can include any of the following:

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