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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) take a variety of forms, ranging from off the shelf products to completely custom solutions to meet any specific needs. MES systems are highly data-centric which means that they are typically centred around a database of some kind - relational or sometimes proprietary. Off the shelf MES modules, while specific to their task (Quality, Efficiency, Performance, Maintenance, etc), are generic in what they need to attempt to satisfy the requirements of every plant. This often means that implementing an off the shelf MES system requires a creative thinking process in order to fit the package into the framework of the customer's Information Systems Infrastructure.

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Can-Technologies Services and Expertise

Can-Technologies has a team of skilled MES and Web solution professionals with experience in a wide range of system applications. We have successfully implemented MES systems in industries including Automotive, Power Generation, and Steel. Can-Technologies provides a wide range of services aimed to provide complete solutions that fit the customer’s needs from start to finish of any MES implementation as demonstrated by our proven project approach:

Web Solutions Sample

STEP 1: Discovery and Data Gathering
STEP 2: Functional Specification
STEP 3: Implementation:

STEP 4: Ongoing Support and Training

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