Motion Systems

Motion Control Systems

Servo control systems have become an essential requirement to many users of machinery and equipment, directly affecting the performance capabilities and value of their operations.

For the packaging, pharmaceutical, food and beverage printing and consumer packaged goods industries that have the challenges of faster product turnover, greater variability and shorter production runs, motion system designs must provide the flexibility and scalability to keep pace with new product introductions while delivering higher speed, accuracy and reliability to boost line productivity and asset utilization.

For automotive, medical and electronic devices manufacturers price pressures, smaller products and shorter life cycles are the challenges. Smaller products require motion control systems that can meet increased assembly precision at ever increasing production speeds, and is coupled with the requirement of system reliability and flexibility to reduce time to market for new products while building many product variations on the same line and maintain higher production rates necessary to reduce total cost per assembly.

Recognized for efficiency, precision and accuracy, servo control systems are used extensively in a variety of applications including:

Can-Technologies have in depth engineering knowledge along with the industry domain experience and application expertise to design, integrate, commission motion system solutions whether new, replacement or a retrofit requirement.

From system evaluation through to system design, configuration, installation, commissioning and training and support, you can be confident that the engineering team will work closely with you to design a robust motion system solution that will work reliably within your facilities conditions.

Can-Technologies motion systems solutions can include any of the following:

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