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Why an Effective Safety Program is Essential

Every year many workers are treated in burn centres with severe arc flash injuries. The flash is immediate, but the results can cause severe injuries that last months, years — even a lifetime. In some cases, they may cause death. Fortunately, arc flash hazards can be reduced by following safety precautions and using recommended personal protective equipment.

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What is an Arc Flash?

Think of an arc flash as a short circuit through the air. In an arc flash incident, an enormous amount of concentrated radiant energy, hot gases and molten metal explodes outward from electrical equipment.

What are the potential hazards?

The explosion creates a high-intensity flash and a superheated ball of gas (20,000 deg C) that can severely burn a worker's body and damage their eyesight and lungs. The intense flash also creates pressure waves (2000lb / ft2) and sound waves (160dB) that can damage a person's hearing, cause memory loss or even brain damage. In addition, molten metal and shrapnel can be ejected at high velocity that can cause other physical injuries

Arc Flash

Where do Arc Flash Hazards occur?

A hazardous arc flash can occur in any electrical device in which the energy is high enough to sustain an arc. These include: Panel Boards, Switchboards, Motor Control Centres, Metal Clad Switch Gear, Transformers, Motor Starters and Drive Cabinets, Fused Disconnects or any place that can have equipment failure.

What are the Impacts of an Arc Flash Incident?

Treatment can require years of skin grafting and rehabilitation. The individual may never return to work or retain the same quality of life. In terms of cost this is simply not quantifiable, however, other direct costs may include:

What is the Law and Responsibilities under the Codes?

Arc Flash Analysis has been addressed legislatively at both Provincial and Federal levels. All workers exposed to energized electrical equipment must be trained and equipped to be protected against Arc Flash Hazards.

Companies are expected to:

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