Training, Support and Maintenance

Training, Support and Maintenance

Experience has shown that the best strategy to minimize post-implementation support is to provide and share knowledge and information with the customer throughout the development and implementation phases of the project.

Support and knowledge transfer begins at project kick-off and continues throughout the various project phases culminating in a primary focus during the formal training sessions prior to the project hand-over date.

This strategy typically leads to far fewer support requirements and greater end-user satisfaction.

As part of our methodology the details of any Training, Documentation and Post Implementation and Warranty Support programs are created in consultation with the customer and submitted to the customer for sign off and approval.



The formal training of customer personnel such as Operations, IT, Engineering and Maintenance can be held at any time during the project development but is typically conducted once full implementation of the system has been completed.

The areas of training, the content and the level at which each group or persons receives training is to customer specifications and can be conducted either our training facility, on-site or at a third party venue.


As part of project and hand over procedure, customers receive formal control copies of technical information in both hard and soft copy format of all manuals and design documents associated with the project.

These may include:

Support and Maintenance


Upon the completion of the project hand over, the project post implementation, warranty and on-going support begins.

We recognize the need to be always up and running. Our maintenance and support services can help guarantee your experience is a good one and that the return on the technology investment is satisfied.

Support program documents created, define the procedures, contact methods and contact information regarding project personnel and support staff.

Examples of Support programs:

Although contracts are typically in place, it is recognized that it is in the best interest of all parties to be comfortable with a supplied solution and therefore, irrespective of specific contracts, support is always available, on an as required basis, to customers to have questions answered, provide feedback, or resolve specific issues or concerns about a system.

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